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How To Date A Hot Cougar

If you are a young man wanting to date a lady that is older than you, but you are not sure where to start, this post can be very helpful to you. When going around the city with an older lady, it can be a lot of fun. According to Rencontre Ace, when dating a cougar, there are some set expectations you should be ready to handle. As much as every woman is unique, the following are some tips to keep in mind.

Tips to date a hot cougar

Have your taste

While shots and couple on beachbeers at local bar can impress girls at their twenties or college girls, a cougar is likely to expect more when it comes to refinement in entertainment, conversation, and alcohol. You should learn some music that is at least a decade old before you were even born. Also, you should read some classic literature. It is advisable to study the names of some decent wines and know the types of foods that they compliment. You should note that a cougar is not expecting you to be a renowned scholar. However, she will be turned off if you are not more articulate as compared to her son.

Avoid showboating

It is important to note that as a woman ages, the ability to impress her with wads of cash, rock-hard abs, and fast cars dwindles. Any lady of distinction can see right any attempt to impress her with the supposed sexual prowess and displays of wealth. You just need to be sincere and genuine. The older women prefer dating younger men because they do not want to handle the baggage of an old man. Thus, you can use your age to your advantage. You should allow her to know that you are real and stop posturing.

Be respectful

You shouhappy coupleld treat an older lady just like you would treat any other lady you are dating. However, mistakes are quite common. For instance, do not say her son resembles your roommate in college. Do not say she looks beautiful for her age. Again, you should not be found moving around with her daughter. Moreover, you should not point out the age gap. In fact, never ask her about her true age unless she provides you with the information.

Know what she wants

Some cougars are just after a simple fling, while others are after a long-term love. You should find out what her aims are before a relationship becomes serious. This is quite important if she has young children.