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Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

The transition from tobacco products to electronic cigarettes can be overwhelming and exciting. It is exciting because the smokers know that they are switching to a product that has been proven to be 95% safer than tobacco products. However, it can be overwhelming because there are various types of electronic cigarettes products like aspire  nautilus that the smokers know nothing about. The products come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities and they are produced by different manufacturers. Below is a summary of some types of electronic cigarettes;

The Disposable One Piece

They are sometimes referred to as cig-a-likes or minis and are familiar to most new vawoman vapingpors. They can be purchased from convenience stores and vaping shops. They are known as disposables because the entire device can be discarded once it has been used. They are designed like tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, the transition is not challenging. The problem with this type is that it does not offer the full flavor and the vaping volume is lower as compared to other advanced e-cigarettes. However, for beginners, they are ideal.

The Rechargeable Two And Three Piece

Many people who continue vaping after their transition from tobacco cigarettes advance from the disposable cigarettes to the two or three piece device. They provide a better experience than the disposable ones. The two-piece comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB that is used as a charging device. It also has an atomizing cartridge. The atomizer screws onto the battery, therefore, making the device ready to use with little fuss. This method produces better flavor and vapor.

Advanced Personalized Vaporizers (AVP)

ciggThe majority of the vapers seem to find that the clearomizer works to meet their needs and it works so well for them that they continue to use the products long term. However, there are those who want a richer vaping experience, and there is a more advanced solution. That is the advanced personalized vaporizer. They are also referred to as mods, and they have been known to provide the ultimate vaping enjoyment. They come in different sizes and shapes, and they range from a small box to a large cylinder. The battery commonly known as a box mod comes as a complete kit.
There are benefits associated with more powerful batteries which enable the coils to draw more energy. When that happens, users can achieve greater vapor volume. The best thing about this device is that it has many customization options, so it favors those people that like different vaping experiences.